Wooden Watches: A Unique Mother’s Day Gift

In the most special day of the year, where we celebrate the most special person in the world make a gift just as special and what better way than to participate in the giveaway of JORD WOOD WATCHES!


Wood Watches

I have already received my Dark Sandalwood & Emerald FRANKIE series sandalwood-and-emerald and I invite you to do the same, is completely free and you can choose the watch you like!


It’s the second time I attend a Giveaway because it’s really beautiful make or receive gifts like these!

You can see here the previous Giveaway Giveaway JORD WOOD!


The contest will close May 20th, 2018 at 11:59pm. Content creators of your size average about 25-35 entries, so we’ll aim for that! Once the contest closes, our system will randomly select a winner and email them immediately with their winning code. All other entrants will also be emailed their consolation 10% off code then as well. We currently do not have a system in place for you to check the progress of your contest entries, but I will check in weekly with contest entry updates to keep you in the loop!


Villar Arlen CONTEST

Give the Gift of a Wooden Watch this Mother’s Day!

_________________ 🇭🇺

Nel giorno più speciale dell’anno, dove festeggia la persona più speciale del mondo dobbiamo fare un regalo altrettanto speciale e quale modo migliore che partecipare al giveaway di JORD WOOD WATCHES!

potete vedere qui il Giveaway precedente

Giveaways JORD WATCH

Il concorso si chiuderà 20 maggio 2018 alle 23:59.

il nostro sistema in modo casuale selezionerà un vincitore ed invieremo immediatamente  il loro codice vincente. E vi potete scegliere un orologio a vostra scelta! L’iscrizione al concorso è completamente gratuito questo è il vostro link per l’inscrizione


Villar Arlen giveaway


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